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Susan Talbot Reid is a Connecticut-based vocalist, banjoist and guitarist known widely for her compelling alto voice, original frailing style on banjo, and unexpected interpretations of traditional music that traverse time and genres.  She makes her international debut with a collection of songs borrowed from American and World traditions and current songwriters chosen for their messages of “hope” and “home”. Susan’s evocative vocals, banjo, and guitar are accompanied by a band of award-winning, master musicians, including Jeff Haynes on percussion, Michael Manring on fretless bass and e-bow, Marvin Sewell on guitar, Matt Turk on mandolin, Dwayne Kerr on flute,  Rob Scheps on soprano saxophone, Jim Hickey on pedal steel, and Mark Peterson and Doug Weiss on upright bass. Together, they create an alluring tapestry of music that moves and transports the listener.

Susan strives to know every song’s history - a story that has, most typically, been born from the author’s culture and faith, experiences with love and hope, grief and loss, protest and activism, exploration and celebration, or other profound and personal messages. In that passionate process, the author’s heart, soul, and spirit have taken root in the song, and Susan reveals it to the listener.

Susan’s audience often describes their first listening experience as being emotion-filled, saying that Susan’s voice and arrangements open them to hearing a song in a new way, as if hearing it for the first time.  It is her gift, but it is also a power that she learned from the folk masters who personally taught and mentored her: Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, and Tom Pacheco.

With the release of her debut album, “Bridges to Home”, Tom Pacheco writes,

"What a wonderful album this is. Susan reminds me of the purity of early Joan Baez. Her voice captures all the human emotions, and in these strange, unsettling times, when bad news fills the newspapers, television, and social media, and we witness the struggling and suffering of family members and old friends, Susan's voice is a calming balm.   She reassures us that ~ Yes, there are problems that need addressing, but all is not lost; these times, too, will pass. The songs that Susan has chosen show us that the past and present co-exist with the future, and she sings, plays and interprets seamlessly about all three. She is an international treasure, and I hope this beautiful album - her first - finds its way to the huge audience that it deserves."

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